Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

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Like A Child, She Wants to Make Her Own Mistakes

You only want to offer guidance, while it seems that you want to take control

There will only be defiance, as your predications are on a roll.

Express your love in the only way you know how, 

Yet,  It only matters for the here and now.

Tell me, do I continue on the same path,

or do I put two and two together and consider the math.

People are Something…..

Have you ever wondered why some people always find a way to screw things up for you.   You may think it’s incompetence and that they can’t do any better.   Well,  Think about it in this way.  What if they are jealous, and their goal is to screw things up for you.  You know, that person who all ways volunteer to do something for you even when you didn’t ask.  Beware of the ill willed so called friends and even family members can fall into this category.   The only reason they want to be part of your life is to screw it up.   Their only goal is to insure your failure my helping you to fail.  Why?  Jealousy.   Another tactic a jealous person will employ is to be negative about any and sometimes all of your goals, ambitions and desires. 

You don’t need these people in your life, or at least know that they are there and the jealousy is relentless.

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