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In your Car

1. Yes, keep you tires inflated to recommended PSI, Thanks Barack.

2. Combine trips to the store.

3.  Keep you car properly tuned.

4. Avoid sudden stops and accelerations.

5. Operate vehicle smoothly, don’t get into a position battle with the car beside you.

6. Take the extra load out of your vehicle.  i.e. golf clubs, luggauge and junk.

At Home

1. Heat only rooms that’s being occupied.

2. Turn down your Water heater to 110 degrees

3. Set up a charging station for such items as cell phone, Ipod and palm pilot consisting of a power strip that will accept chargers.  be sure to turn off the power station when not in use.  Keep all chargers in one drawer, using clear zip lock baggies to put each one in.  Lable them if needed.

4. Put plastic over all windows.

5. Insure weather stripping is around doors.

6. Limit showers to 20 minutes.

7. Only flush that which can not go into the trash or be Recycled.

8. Desktop Computer….Us a power control panel to plug in you speakers, external modem and any other items.  switch off the panel when not in use. 

9. At Night, turn the heat down and put an extra blanket on the bed.

10. On really cold consecutive days, spend a couple hours at  a friends house, or go to the mall, library.

11. Spend days off volunteering.


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